MiniVacationers connects parents through an online community to:

  • list baby gear (for sale/for rent) for other parents in need

  • rent or buy from other parents in the community

Think "Airbnb" for Baby Gear! 

Kids outgrow things so quickly that we end up buying items that we only need for a short period of time.  It makes so much sense to rent these items or buy them at a discounted rate.

How it Works?

Listing baby gear is easy! We will be with you every step of the way! 

  • Make money on items you already own to recycle things children need.
  • Almost anyone can list baby gear.
  • It’s free to sign up and list your baby items.
  • Once your baby item is rented or sold, MiniVacationer’s service fees is 10%, which we automatically subtract before you get your payout.
  • You can hire a third party service to help with delivery and include the costs within your pricing
  • Check out the listing standards to make your listing more successful.
  • Let your friends know what you are up to and share your listing on Facebook!

Renting/Buying Baby Gear

Search for baby gear you may be interested in renting or buying!  

  • Our service allows you to save money on baby gear, rent baby gear while you travel, or try before you buy.
  • We offer everything from strollers, cribs, pack n plays, high-chairs, toys, etc.  
  • Learn more about how MiniVacationers ensures you are always protected or start browsing baby gear now!

Wow, we were so impressed with how easy it was to use MiniVacationers! We rented a stroller, high-chair and a pack n play for our 13 month old, while visiting my in-laws in San Francisco. The items were delivered and picked up. It was like a huge weight lifted knowing that we didn’t have to carry all that stuff with us on the plane. Overall it was a very positive experience and very convenient and I would definitely use the service again in the future. Thanks!
— Katherine, San Francisco California